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odmfreeone June 2022
Today being thursday 9th June 2022 is the heroes day.
odmfreeone May 2022
Assessment (0)
A good teacher should assess the learners in each and every topic @odmfreeone
odmfreeone May 2022
Friday 13/05/2022 (0)
Odm Free One is just feeling good at Adagamone Village in Alebtong District. @odmfreeone
odmfreeone May 2022
Tuesday 03/05/2022 (0)
Odm Free One is celebrating his 24th birthday today @odmfreeone
odmfreeone April 2022
Thursday 28/04/2022 (0)
I have given assessment for Social Studies today to candidates of Primary Seven
odmfreeone April 2022
Monday 18/04/2022 (0)
Odm Free One has returned to Mother Brenda Integrated Schools for Holiday programme
odmfreeone April 2022
Get ready for Revision books for Primary Seven CRE next term.Feel free to book on 0770995869/0703336487
odmfreeone April 2022
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This is the official Jetbits channel of Odm Free One,please subscribe! @odmfreeone
odmfreeone April 2022
Palm Sunday on 10/04/2022 (0)
Today is a palm sunday.We remember this day as a day when Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem. @odmfreeone
odmfreeone April 2022
THURSDAY 07/04/2022 (0)
We had our last meeting for term one with learners of Mother Brenda Integrated Schools this evening.@HappyHoliday
odmfreeone March 2022
SATURDAY 19/03/2022 (0)
We are have Parents' meeting at Mother Brenda Integrated Schools today.@odmfreeone
odmfreeone March 2022
THURSDAY 17/03/2022 (0)
We are having a football match between Mother Brenda Integrated Schools and Olive Branch High School at Aloi High P/S
odmfreeone March 2022
MATAYO 11:25-30 (0)
Odm Free One is attending a sermon by Akai Tonny today dated 06/03/2022 at Iyee En Cang PCU Church in Omoro Sub-county
odmfreeone March 2022
Adagamone Village,it is a big day today because I will be there tonight!!! 05/03/2022_Saturday
odmfreeone March 2022
weekend@odmfreeone (0)
It is a weekend,my friends and let's enjoy it in style SATURDAY 05/03/2022@odmfreeone

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