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My motto is work for change

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odmfreeone September 2022
SATURDAY 03/09/2022 (0)
Odm Free One is elected the secretary of youth disciplinary committe for PCU Mission Alebtong District at the meeting held at Omoro A PCU Church
odmfreeone September 2022
FRIDAY 02/09/2022 (0)
Odm Free One has reported for youth meeting for Alebtong District PCU.It is scheduled to take place at Omoro A PCU Church in Omoro Sub County @odmfree
odmfreeone July 2022
BODY (0)
Use your body to glorify God.Read from 1 Corinthians 6:12-19.
odmfreeone July 2022
THURSDAY 14/07/2022 (0)
Odm Free One is attending the funeral rite of Akona Charles at Adagamone village in Alebtong District.
odmfreeone July 2022
TUESDAY 12/07/2022 (0)
Odm Free One taught about World Religion in Primary Seven at Mother Brenda Integrated Schools.

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