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odmfreeone September 2022
SATURDAY 03/09/2022 (0)
Odm Free One is elected the secretary of youth disciplinary committe for PCU Mission Alebtong District at the meeting held at Omoro A PCU Church
odmfreeone September 2022
FRIDAY 02/09/2022 (0)
Odm Free One has reported for youth meeting for Alebtong District PCU.It is scheduled to take place at Omoro A PCU Church in Omoro Sub County @odmfree
odmfreeone July 2022
BODY (0)
Use your body to glorify God.Read from 1 Corinthians 6:12-19.
odmfreeone July 2022
THURSDAY 14/07/2022 (0)
Odm Free One is attending the funeral rite of Akona Charles at Adagamone village in Alebtong District.
odmfreeone July 2022
TUESDAY 12/07/2022 (0)
Odm Free One taught about World Religion in Primary Seven at Mother Brenda Integrated Schools.
odmfreeone July 2022
Akona Charles is reported to having passed on last night dated Saturday 9/7/2022
odmfreeone July 2022
TUESDAY 05/07/2022 (0)
Dear learners,you are free to consult me starting from today as far as Social Studies and CRE are concerned.
odmfreeone July 2022
SUNDAY 03/07/2022 (0)
There is a football match between teachers and Students of Senior one at Mother Brenda Integrated Schools today.
odmfreeone July 2022
SATURDAY 02/07/2022 (0)
Today is visitation day at Mother Brenda Integrated Schools.This is a special day
odmfreeone July 2022
FRIDAY 01/07/2022 (0)
There is a football match between the staffs of Mother Brenda Integrated Schools and the students today.
odmfreeone June 2022
An nyinga Odm Free One.An aman atye abedo Apwony icukul me Mother Brenda Integrated School ame tye iyi Aloi @odmfreeone
odmfreeone June 2022
Odm Free One is online.This is my official Jetbits channel where you can meet me @odmfreeone
odmfreeone June 2022
Odm Free One is a teacher of Religious Education at Mother Brenda Integrated Schools.
odmfreeone June 2022
Cana and Canaan (0)
Jesus performed his first miracle at Cana while Canaan is the promised land
odmfreeone June 2022
THURSDAY 09/06/2022 (0)
I am within my village of origin because I am an hero celebrating heroes day.Have a beautiful day

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