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okellodmike 2021
Bible Verses of 20/12/2020 (0)
Acts 2:43,Galatians 5:16,Phillipians 3:12 and Phillipians 4:8
okellodmike 2021
BIBLE VERSES OF 13/12/2020 (0)
Isaiah 61:1-3,Mathew 11:5,Luke 7:22,Luke 4:18 and Exodus 16:1(IYEE EN CANG PCU CHURCH, ALEBTONG DISTRICT)
okellodmike 2021
13/12/2020-Bible Verse of Sunday School (0)
Mathew 10:2-4,Mark 3:16-19 and Luke 6:14-16 and was taught by Okello Daniel Mike at Iyee En Cang PCU Church
okellodmike 2021
13/12/2020 (0)
Okello Daniel Mike was teaching sunday school at Iyee En Cang PCU and the theme was Disciples/Apostles of Jesus.
okellodmike November 2020
Bible verse about Righteousness (0)
Isaiah 5:1 and Luci 1:1
okellodmike November 2020
Psalms 103:12 (0)
Wan myero olwor Obanga
okellodmike November 2020
Iyee En Cang PCU Church in Omoro (0)
Okello Daniel Mike is attending a sunday service today at Iyee En Cang PCU Church in Omoro Sub County,Alebtong District
okellodmike November 2020
By Okello Daniel Mike (0)
Apwod pe ru onywali nu Obanga dong oyeri(owiri) oko me tiyo ticere.Obanga en aye yero dano me bedo aticere
okellodmike November 2020
Adwar piny obedo nga? (0)
Adwar piny obedo dano ame kobo kop ikom gin ame abi timere
okellodmike November 2020
Jeremiah 4:1 (0)
God has choosen Jeremiah to serve
okellodmike November 2020
The love of God (0)
Okello Daniel Mike has seen the love of God in his life today.He was inspired to be a change agent for life from today
okellodmike November 2020
Bible verses for Change (0)
On this day,Okello Daniel Mike was revealed the following; 2 Kings 21:10-16,Ezekiel 37,Isaiah 48,Psalms 23 and Mark 5
okellodmike November 2020
Revelation on 01/11/2020 (0)
Okello Daniel Mike will remember this day for the rest of his life because Jesus has set him free today
okellodmike October 2020
Detail about Okello Daniel Mike (0)
Okello Daniel Mike was born on 03/05/2020.He is the one who created this channel for weekly Bible verses
okellodmike October 2020
Mathew 15:32-39 (0)
Jesus fed the crowd.

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