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Star Bible
Worlday Society Bible was introduced by Okello Daniel Mike on 24/10/2020

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Channel Founder: okellodmike
Channel Type: Public Subscribe
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Category: Business, Work, and School > General

Forum (15)
okellodmike 2021
Bible Verses of 20/12/2020 (0)
Acts 2:43,Galatians 5:16,Phillipians 3:12 and Phillipians 4:8
okellodmike 2021
BIBLE VERSES OF 13/12/2020 (0)
Isaiah 61:1-3,Mathew 11:5,Luke 7:22,Luke 4:18 and Exodus 16:1(IYEE EN CANG PCU CHURCH, ALEBTONG DISTRICT)
okellodmike 2021
13/12/2020-Bible Verse of Sunday School (0)
Mathew 10:2-4,Mark 3:16-19 and Luke 6:14-16 and was taught by Okello Daniel Mike at Iyee En Cang PCU Church
okellodmike 2021
13/12/2020 (0)
Okello Daniel Mike was teaching sunday school at Iyee En Cang PCU and the theme was Disciples/Apostles of Jesus.
okellodmike November 2020
Bible verse about Righteousness (0)
Isaiah 5:1 and Luci 1:1
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