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okellodmike February 2021
Okello Daniel Mike welcomes you to Ajuri Market in Abako Sub County.
okellodmike February 2021
Monday 01/02/2021 (0)
Okello Daniel Mike is at Ajuri Market today.
okellodmike January 2021
Okello Daniel Mike on Monday 25/01/2021 (0)
We are having voting of leaders at Division/Municipality Level so my people of Alebtong District,let's vote with care.
okellodmike January 2021
Okello Daniel Mike on Wed of 20/01/2020 (0)
We are having the election of Local council five(LCV) and councillors today in Alebtong District.
okellodmike January 2021
Tue 19/01/2021 (0)
Okello Daniel Mike is back online since 13/01/2021 as a result of internet blackout in Uganda.
okellodmike January 2021
Fact about 03/05/1998 (0)
Okello Daniel Mike was born in Adagamone village in Alebtong District.
okellodmike January 2021
About Okello Daniel Mike (0)
Send me an Email to
okellodmike January 2021
Thursday 17/12/2020 (0)
Smartup Factory Alebtong Hub has been closed today with a meeting until 04/01/2021.
okellodmike January 2021
Proteacher on 14/12/2020 (0)
Okello Daniel Mike has registered for Proteacher on Monday of 14/12/2020.
okellodmike January 2021
09/12/2020 (0)
We were in for a lesson on database at Smartup Factory Alebtong Hub today.
okellodmike January 2021
08/12/2020 (0)
We were in for a lesson on how to use internet explorer at Smart Up Factory Alebtong Hub.
okellodmike January 2021
Sunday of 06/12/2020(Anthem) (0)
Okello Daniel Mike has started writing Worlday Society Anthem today and it was successfully drafted.
okellodmike January 2021
On behalf of all champions of Smartup Factory Alebtong Hub,Okello Daniel Mike welcomes all the youth to come and enrol.
okellodmike January 2021
END OF THE TRAINING ON 04/12/2020 (0)
We have successfully come to the end of our training on menstrual hygiene and management at Smartup Factory Alebtong Hub
okellodmike November 2020
Okello Daniel Mike was in for his first lesson on photography and videography today at Smartup Factory Alebtong Hub.

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