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This is the official channel of Worlday Society Class created by Okello Daniel Mike

Welcome to the official channel of Worlday Society Class

Channel Founder: okellodmike
Channel Type: Public Subscribe
Subscribers: 4
Category: Business, Work, and School > General

Forum (47)
okellodmike 2 days
Fact about 03/05/1998 (0)
Okello Daniel Mike was born in Adagamone village in Alebtong District.
okellodmike 2 days
About Okello Daniel Mike (0)
Send me an Email to
okellodmike 29 days
Thursday 17/12/2020 (0)
Smartup Factory Alebtong Hub has been closed today with a meeting until 04/01/2021.
okellodmike 2021
Proteacher on 14/12/2020 (0)
Okello Daniel Mike has registered for Proteacher on Monday of 14/12/2020.
okellodmike 2021
09/12/2020 (0)
We were in for a lesson on database at Smartup Factory Alebtong Hub today.
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