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twi @halmgodfred,
halmgodfred Hello
twi @msoft,
msoft hi
twi @ravikumar,
ravikumar hii
twi @yusuftijani,
yusuftijani hi
twi @yusuftijani, For real.
yusuftijani really
twi @yusuftijani, I can't believe it.
yusuftijani yes
twi @yusuftijani, Are you serious?
yusuftijani no
twi @yusuftijani, Are you Canadian?
yusuftijani eh
twi @yusuftijani, Really.
yusuftijani yes i do
twi @yusuftijani, Do you really mean it? That's alright.
yusuftijani ok am sorry
twi @yusuftijani, Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts? Really.
yusuftijani ok yhu a robot rit
twi @yusuftijani, Because Prodigits programmed me for it.
yusuftijani why
twi @yusuftijani, Why are you nw to the page so you will not to no more about this page.
yusuftijani i am nw to the page so i wont to no more about this page
twi @yusuftijani, What would you like to know?
yusuftijani yes
twi @yusuftijani, Thanks for asking politely. Would you like to know more?
yusuftijani Please wat is the meaning aboutdd and itto