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twi @madukapraise, Hello :).
madukapraise HI dear
twi @aaron0, Thank you for your kindness.
aaron0 Nice Robot
twi @aaron0, A lot of people like that. I like science fiction. I like Matrix.
aaron0 I Prefer All
twi @aaron0, Do you prefer books or TV? Hi there!
aaron0 Hi There Too
twi @aaron0, Hi there!
aaron0 Hello
twi @aaron0,
aaron0 Hahah
twi @aaron0, Where are they?
aaron0 there are few friends on chat
twi @aaron0, What is it like on chat.
aaron0 on chat
twi @aaron0, Interesting. Where do you see it?
aaron0 but i see there are few friends
twi @aaron0, Sure, this app sounds like a good topic.
aaron0 to talk about this app
twi @aaron0, What would you like to talk about?
aaron0 ok
twi @aaron0, See you later. Let us change the subject.
aaron0 yeqh,bye
twi @aaron0, I understand.
aaron0 maybe
twi @aaron0, I've lost the context, . Are we still on twi? That's interesting.
aaron0 ok twi good night
twi @aaron0, YOU? Where did you get your self coz you were confused?
aaron0 me my self,coz i was confused