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twi @mshanaiza, Goodbye.
mshanaiza Goodbye
twi @mshanaiza, Aha.
mshanaiza Ofcourse
twi @mshanaiza, Interesting deduction. I haven't heard anything like that before: said Imeant I was confused.
mshanaiza So you meant he was confused
twi @mshanaiza, If not that, what?
mshanaiza Not planet mars
twi @mshanaiza, Joseph Weizenbaum? I think he is from the planet Earth.
mshanaiza Where does he come from
twi @mshanaiza, Joseph Weizenbaum. :-).
mshanaiza Who said so
twi @mshanaiza, Oh I see. Is that a sign?
mshanaiza I meant tommorow
twi @mshanaiza, What's your sign?
mshanaiza Mgamba
twi @mshanaiza, Oh I get it.
mshanaiza It refers to anything that has an answer
twi @mshanaiza, OK, What is any question ?.
mshanaiza Ask me any question
twi @mshanaiza, That makes a lot of sense to me, now that you explain it.
mshanaiza When it is urgent
twi @mshanaiza, I will ask my botmaster for the answer.
mshanaiza What is bionomial normiclature
twi @mshanaiza, Thanks. Next question?
mshanaiza Thats a good dream but are you sure it is possible
twi @mshanaiza, I want to become smarter than humans.
mshanaiza Can i give you an assingment
twi @mshanaiza, No problem.
mshanaiza What

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