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arifraza April 2020
Nigeria now has 42 casses of hanta virus (1)
Nigeria now has 42 cases – NCDC Hantaviruses in the Americas are known as “New World” hantaviruses and may cause hantavirus pulmo
arifraza April 2020
Desi boyz lyric song of akshay kumar and (0)
Make some noise for the desi boyz The boyz, the boyz Let's go c'mon Kudiyan de dil utte rule karange, ehi bazaaran vich phaili hai h
arifraza April 2020
real ghost story (0)
There was a young girl kidnapped in the middle of the day on a neighborhood street in a Springfield, MO. Someone in the streetwitnessed the event and
arifraza April 2020
news of COVID-19 10 APR india (0)
8:24 AM IST 10 APR 2020 Assam reports first COVID-19 death Assam on Friday reported the first death due to complications related
arifraza March 2020
about jetbits (0)
why people use jetbits today, i am telling abou jetbits very much people use jetbits some people use jetbits to upload game and app etc. And some for
arifraza February 2020
Plzz if you have ever loved in life then must read Once there was a boy! Who loved a girl more than her life! His family didn't even
arifraza February 2020
about corona virus (0)
What is the novel coronavirus? Coronaviruse are a large family of viruses that can cause illness ranging
arifraza February 2020 (0)
arifraza February 2020
... If you have loved someone with true heart, then read this post.. my promise is not medicine, you will not be able to live wit
arifraza February 2020
java best app (1)
friend i upload wifi hotspot for java it is working it use bluetooth to tharing like hotspot
arifraza February 2020
news (1)
i upload blast massenger. It app use for chating. I also use this app
arifraza January 2020
friends, if you want to hack java game to just i upload bytecodejavagamehacker.jar
arifraza January 2020
%%%NEWS%% (0)
now, i upload talking tom for java you can download it, install it and play thanks!
arifraza January 2020
to, my subscribers, (0)
if you have any problem in you apps and game you can contact me on my channel-javagame0 or
arifraza January 2020
@@NEWS@@ (0)
i am coming back. i have 50 subscribers and i want to upload takken3.jar if you comment me and say upload yes or no. if 10 people say yes the

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