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leowurld 27 minutes
Introducing jetbits first ever club RELENTLESS CLUB In the past month alot of users has asked me about my programming languages, my site login
priyanshuverma 1 day 4 hours
जिंदगी में ठुकराना- ०१ (0)
जिंदगी में अगर आपको किसी ने ठुकराया हैं ~ तो एक बात हमेशा याद रखना ~ निखरता वही है जो ठुकराया जाता है।
samuelezekiel001 1 day 14 hours
Fact (0)
The eye of an ostrich is bigger than it's brain.
cyberceo 4 days
KaiOS (0)
How many of us here have heard or is using a kaiOS powered device Pls dm for more info on kaiOS & its devices
kpk 4 days
God is wonderful (1)
My god is wonderful is keep me safe everyday by day
kpk 4 days
Never give up (1)
Never give up my people wait for your time god time is the best oh
amen08 4 days
Gift 4rm me to me.. (0)
I love finding money in my cloths... bigbouncy.gif it is like a gift to me....from me. biggrin.gif funny.gif
priyanshuverma 4 days
Video- 04 (0)
Private Channel!
priyanshuverma 5 days
Video- 03 (0)
Private Channel!
odmfreeone 5 days
ODM Free ONE (0)
Welcome to the official Mobile website of ODM Free ONE
sounk 5 days
Maouloud nabawi est un grand évènement marqué chaque anné dans l'Islame car c'est la naissance du PROPHETE MOUHAMED ( Paix et Salut sur Lui ) qui est
priyanshuverma 5 days
Video- 02 (0)
Private Channel!
okellodmike 5 days
Saving is a practice of sacrificing part of your current earning for future use(Tel: 0770995869,0703336487)
priyanshuverma 6 days
Video- 01 (0)
Private Channel!
priyanshuverma 6 days
priyanshuverma 6 days
priyanshuverma 7 days
Movies list- 01 (0)
Private Channel!
beloved 7 days
(Help Me Out !) (7)
Do Any Of You Guys Know How To Create A website ?
timothy33 9 days
dkokabu 9 days
don't trust any person (1)
when u start ur day keep 3 word in ur pocket 1_try true trust 2_try for better future true wid ur work trust on god then u will be success in ur life
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