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kamasutra 9 hours
Love (2)
I love everybody
oyincosola 10 hours 32 minutes
Bf and gf (6)
I need a bf that will take good care of me and care for me
divinesjetbit 1 day
Subsriber (1)
anyone.gifplease subsriber to thechatclub
comedianandrapper 1 day
girlsloveme (2)
I noticed you love baby true your eyes
staryking 1 day 2 hours
Quotes by pablo escobar (5)
I focus more on money than people, cause i never met a dollar i didn't like
marie 1 day 2 hours
Good to be here (2)
(bad suprise) just for you
gilian 1 day 4 hours
Hi (8)
My name is gilian how r u doing
staryking 1 day 22 hours
(brightidea) (1)
The best things in life are unseen book.gif Thats why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry and dream boy.gif
fking 1 day 22 hours
love (1)
love is is natural so without love there is no happiness.
kelvino 3 days
Who what to chat (0)
Am free who want to chat with me, please am free
minister 5 days
Join my cool website wapaxo (0)
Join my site register or login there is lot of game and app
erubaba 7 days
Pls join eruchatandmfriends. (1)
Pls beg.gif subscribe to this channel: eruchatandmfriends,its a cool and a developing site,feel free to share good ideas and opinions that will positive
joshbrown 8 days
Join now to see their different amazing (0)
Does and sites where we do spend our times those day.... They have different good features join now! Its free....[link][/link
joshbrown 8 days
jacobkwiah 9 days (0)
Life change per day ooo!
erubaba 9 days
Eruchatandmfriends. (0)
Greetings to everyone,pls beg.gif subscribe to this channel: eruchatandmfriends,here you are free upload and share meaningful views,idea and opinions th
bizmeethskarz 9 days
I love nick (0)
Nickeolodean is the best channel a decoder could have, i don't know about the spelling but i think it's correct. all the disney stars and others are n
towkirahmed 9 days
App Demand [10]
Hello Guys, what app do you want? tell me the name, i will upload the app in my channel.
ubokobong 9 days
Website request (0)
Hey guys. Long time no see. I just want to let you guys know about my websites which are available to all for use :bored: they are; www.bigbang.wap
osakuegodwin 10 days
£ (0)
Happy sunday guys
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