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Ovye Shedrach Ovye Shedrach
20 / M USA
Maliex Swizzer Maliex Swizzer
22 / M London
Always cool once and happy always!free free chat with me!Chat me up at faceboo maliex swizzer
blank RED JAY
22 / M nigeria Nigeria
If you hear bad comment about me don't suprise cause i always do bad
peterobasi peterobasi
21 / M Nigeria
Am sigle
blank Beau Kelly
22 / M USA
18 / M USA
I hate cheat but i am honest nd loyality @100
djeeykizz djeeykizz
21 / M New York America
am a hacker
blank victor.zucks
21 / M new york USA
hello guys i am new here to be honest profilebuddy is far more better and beside guys s
blank oyakhilome
22 / M Nigeria
Im very good and nise
judeboy judeboy
22 / M Las vegas America
Am a handsome,cool and gentle guy.
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