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How do I start a new channel?

First, decide if you really need to start a new channel. has many channels that you can join. Search through our directory to see if your interests are already discussed in other channels.

If you are ready to take on the responsibilities of being a channel moderator, you are ready to start your own channel. Starting a channel is done in 3 steps easily. Just click the "Start a Channel" link on Channels main page. All channels have to be categorized properly. To categorize your channel, simply browse or search your way through the directory looking for the appropriate category in which to place your channel. Look for categories that list similar channels or are specifically related to your subject.

Your channel will be listed in the directory after you've created it. You can decide if your channel will be public or private. If you make it private, a visitor who wants to join your channel has to be acknowledged by you.

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